The Necessities To Facilitate Export Nederlandoekraine


When it comes to exporting goods to and importing them from Ukraine there are certain legal obligations on the parties to go on with their business smoothly. Anyone who is involved with the Transport oekraine should be aware of these obligations and make sure the paperwork is well prepared.

Netherlands and Ukraine have been involved in trade and export-import for decades now and the former ranks 4th in the trade of goods to and from Ukraine. Naturally, business owners have wanted to cash in on the trade route between the two European nations to further their business interests. Yet the trade should be done respecting the legal obligations and following them.

Documents Needed To Export-Import To And From Ukraine

The documents one needs to carry to ensure the smooth export and import of goods to and from Ukraine are:

  • Packing List

A packing list which specifies all the goods in proper order should accompany the vehicle carrying the goods. Whatever details are mentioned on the packing list should match the commercial invoice in order to go about the process smoothly.

  • Export Document Is Necessary

While exporting goods to Ukraine, it becomes necessary to have an export document which is also known as a single document. Primarily, the document is for the authorities to know what goods are leaving the EU and also to administer the traders’ VAT Sales Tax.

  • In Line With The Special Regulations In Ukraine

For exporting certain goods to Ukraine, there are provisions which are unique to these types of goods. Hence, it is wise to always be updated and in touch with these regulations and get notified whenever these regulations go some change. To this end, visiting the Chamber of Commerce website comes in handy as one can get to know about any amendments relating to the special provisions.

  • An Agreement Of Trade

It is necessary to get a trade agreement signed by your business partner in Ukraine and keep it in writing before commencing the export of the goods. It should be assessed and reviewed by a Lawyer who has a firm grasp over Ukrainian Law to avoid any hiccups during the export.

Apart from these basics, one should always be backed up by the regular legal documents required for export and import like the commercial invoice and go about their export nederlandoekraine keeping in mind all the necessary factors and respecting the law of the land.



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